BYOD, but what about BYOS


Of course you all know what BYOD – Bring Your Own Device is and that in the next few years BYOD will replace most end-user device planning for all but financial and government businesses.  Internal IT departments are and will resist this move.


I could write about why this is just plain stupid, but I want to write about BYOS.  Yes, Bring Your Own Software or Solution.  I define this not so much as individuals bringing their own application – right now – but more an area, department, group selecting and using their own software solution to a business problem that they have prioritized high, even if the corporation has not.

Just as you upgrade your devices, the loyalty to a business application will be short lived as the latest and greatest from somewhere else will grab your attention and get you hooked.

Don’t think this is possible?

Thinking that you users like an application and invested time in getting data into it, out of it and they won’t change, aren’t you?

Well you are wrong.          Dead wrong.

How do I know this is happening?

Software vendors and resellers have increased their sales focus on non-IT business units

–       hiring functional pre-sales experts to talk the talk directly to functional leadership of customers

–       new solutions developed to be used directly by functional end-users without IT support

–       existing solutions developed so that less and less direct IT support needed

Software vendors both from the new start-ups to the mature are developing solutions in shorter time windows and also forgoing high quality speed to market.

Is IT taking this too lightly?


IT will state that either the existing solutions can do what the new ones that the functional areas are buying do.

–       This is true, but IT needs to develop the above techniques of the software vendors internally to market, brand and sell and resell the solution.

–       IT will state that this separate solution that one functional unit is using will not deliver on the enterprise wide level a solution could.

–       Very true as well, but your functional area end-user won’t give a hoot as the separate solution solves their problem – RIGHT NOW, not 6 or more months from now, Maybe.

Let’s be clear.  IT this is old thinking and the longer you hold on to it the bigger the divide between IT and the rest of the company will become.


What should IT do –

Focus on facilitating as a trusted advisor that builds closer relationships with business by spurring them to try new applications and solutions.




What should business do – 

Like most 12 step programs, first you must recognize the problem and that you are cannot control 1 doubt and it.  The problem being that your business does not run on the handful or more of those applications and devices that IT provides.  That your business (if it has more than 25 people) runs on BYOD and BYOS and you need to be aware of it, leverage it, and understand the risk.

Go ahead walk around the office ask how must importing of data is done on your business applications from third party sources.

Ask if the employee had a choice of using the existing business application or something else what would they choose.

BYOD is already prevalent in your business; BYOS is starting now and will be expanding quickly.

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