Book Review – The Deciding Factor Book Review – The Deciding Factor

  Author Larry Rosenberger and John Nash




As I focus more on analytics in my professional life I have started going through the major analytics books.  I previously wrote about the Chief Performance Officer book, but have learned a great deal more in the past couple of months.  The Deciding Factor takes the non-tool approach to explain the power of analytics and especially power of expanding the use of analytics from the executive offices to the day-to-day operational staff to both improve their decision-making and better execute the strategy.

–       Capital One’s story of how they used analytics – page 18    

  • How impactful analytics have creating a product set and growing a boring business into an exciting marketing effort.
  • Continued with Progressive on page 21

–       Tesco’s use of analytics to define customer categories on page 41

  • No explanation here except the main categories used of time-poor, food-rich, can’t cook and won’t cook – just love these

–       Best Buy’s push analytics down to their sales force on page 47

  • Training their sales force using specific lifestyle questions to define the product sale match with the customers needs and discover up sales potential

–       Fair Isaacs chart on page 80

  • Chart displaying how to ensure that decision making with analytics to ensure the strategy executes well across all channels
  • Accomplished with a basic rules based management system

–       Work flow vs. decision flow on page 127

  • The impact of how a work flow is impacting by a decision flow and why you need both

–       The difference between business intelligence and decision management on page 141

  • In short, BI focus on how we are doing now and why and decision management builds on the why and provides options on what’s next

If you have a BI solution and are using it to improve your reporting great, but to truly power your organization greater insights move BI down into your operational staff levels and design a rules based decision making system.


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