Oh boy, oh boy, it finally is announced!

The latest Gartner CIO survey is out.


Vendors will go wild with selling stories around the results. 

CIO’s will point to it internally to drive their desired initiatives.

And the business will…

They will…

um, they will


Perhaps roll their eyes (in tribute to my L1).    Untitled2

Maybe even go, ‘really, hmmm’.

But that will be about it.  Why?

Untitled3Well a CFO will look at the list and think about the cost,

difficulty in creating a ROI and worse

the low prognosis of achieving said ROI,


A Sales VP will say when can you have that done and you are not using any of my budget.

Pretty much the same for a VP of Marketing; though they may also offer up they already have solutions for #1, 2 and 7.

Analytics and business intelligence

Mobile technologies


To which, the IT executive will to their best to not look surprised by this revelation.  



The VP of Operations will be with the Sales VP, though more supportive and really wanting #1 and #10 to help them drive out costs that have been a tough nut to crack.

Analytics and business intelligence


The HR and Administrative leaders will simply wonder when they are going to get the IT solutions they have been asking for, well for years.



That leaves the CEO/COO/President, you know the Jack Donaghy.   Untitled4

Depending on their relationship with the IT leader, it ranges from dismissive, to intrigued to truly wondering if any of this is needed to deliver on the strategy.

The last is what I will dive into the next entry.   Always leaving them wanting more – all 3 of you.

Thanks by way.