Article review – To Create Change

right wrongMr. Satell does a fantastic job of explaining the power of leadership over authority.

– Influence versus control

– Being in charge versus facilitating

He wrote the article titled To Create Change, Leadership Is More Important Than Authority.

Please please read this not once, not twice,

but yes I say thrice.

He line “The problem is that, while authority can compel action, it does little to inspire belief.” is spot on and so many people in charge spend way to much time use logic, power and failing that threats to force people to not only do what they say, but demand people go beyond compliance all the way to believing they are right.

Explaining in more detail that “To make change really happen, it doesn’t need to be managed, but empowered.”

He offers examples of failures with his poor doctor and Blockbusters, however I offer successes of Apple and Southwest.southwest

While we can pick out where they have grown so large that failures have occurred, it impresses me daily how each company empowers their teams to drive their success whether it be technology innovation or customer service excellence.

A major component of the failures is that they as Satell states “Instead of painstakingly building local majorities, they attempted to compel entire populations.”

Whether it be an airline, consumer products company or a small local restaurant.

To implement change –    change

expansion of your travel routes

end a long time successful product

having only vegan and non-vegan days of menu items




If you just explained to you employees WHY this is such a great idea and WHY it will definitely work the predictable expectation is that they WILL full accept it.    Nope – ain’t gonna happen.

Annie Lennox herself could not help you.

You might get a few people to accept, but not the ‘local majority’ as Satell says.  You have to facilitate their acceptance.

How, that is for another entry.