What part of IT do you just hate? Talking to you IT.

For me, it was desktop support.      PC help

Both because it took an ineffective amount of my team’s time and because 80% of the issues were related to the mood the person calling for support is in.            mood they are in

Also, because as a CIO, I could never change the culture enough of my peers that when some issue occurred with their laptop or other device that is plugged into it they would look to me to help.

Out of my team, I was the least helpful to solve the problem.  keep calm useless

They would have been better off calling their teenage children.

In conversations with current members of the CIO, CTO or other high level IT roles community I find that it is often one of the following (not scientific – did not even surveymonkey):

  • Security – mainly because even if you are good at it – you are not less likely to have a breach depending on your business model (talking to you retail, banking and apparently movie studios).    walking-off-cliff
  • Big Data & Analytics – mainly because it is a bigger elephant than security and even if you go big on it, you will only great an exponentially increasing backlog of request for more and more. Analytics is crack cocaine to appropriately named users and they will never                              have enough. crack


  • Lastly, Cloud – mainly just the bloody word cloud (second is ‘Big Data’).  The request or demand of your organization to ‘be in the cloud more’ with no knowledge of what that means.  cloud


The top four, if you will.  Do understand that like most things we hate or fear

(please understand not ‘real’ hate or fear, but first world hate and fear)

– it would simply take asking and getting help to overcome.  There are solid consultants out there with strong deep solutions can solve these and other parts of IT that are disagreeable.

There is are problems.   math

There are many solutions to each and all.



My suggestion try the AA approach.  Admit you are powerless and ask for help.  Start with that part your hate.  Likely that is the problem you have ignored the most and longest, as such will bite you in the ass