Who will be Sherlock to IBM’s Watson

IBM Watson  First, bring up the bloody Jeopardy show and I will beat you with  a twitter whip stick.  Yes in full disclosure my job is selling IBM solutions, but mentioning IBM Watson and Jeopardy is like talking how good your mobile device makes phone calls.

Let me make some statements:

  • Watson technology from IBM is today what the Internet was back in 1998.
    • For the majority of people, something they have heard about.
    • For the remaining groups is either those who think it is very interesting with a great deal of potential or the few early adopters who are reaping the rewards of the high level of cognitive capability to drive true innovation and change.
    • 5 years or less from now Watson will be very much like the Internet, as it will be the foundation for innovation that we will look back and say what was life before Watson.

You mean I had to choose what was the best juicer mainly from Amazon and a few on-line reviews.  Not ask Google what is the best and through a short series of questions it recommends the best, the best price and place to buy based on factor of data points that are in comprehensible to consider today that provides me with the highest level of confidence in my purchase.   Screen Shot 2015-02-01 at 12.25.54 PM

Back to the title question.  With Watson having all and more of the cognitive capability of the legendary Sherlock Holmes (I actually know someone with that name in real life, smart as he is not Sherlock level).   Sherlock

Who will one up Watson with said Sherlock.  Stop it right now – I know some of you the machines will take over the world people are starting to sweat right now – relax.

For every Yahoo, there is a Google.  My predication it will not be the Microsoft, HP, Oracle or even Googles of the world – not you either Facebook, so sit down.

Anglefish jumping to Big bowl

The garage startup, with a bit of kickstarter funding and then BAM!            The next Job (Wozniak), Zuckerberg (Saverin) or old school Edison (          (Tesla) will bring forward a level of cognitive computing from a bit of          structured, but almost all unstructured data points.

Will the innovation come from the programming and/or the data points that are today not considered possible or even imagined.  Who would have thought in 1998 that a string of online snapchat could predict fashion directions or higher purchases of candy in a small region by work age demographic can predict layoffs of area businesses.     cognitive

Sherlock is out there.  Maybe just a small firing neuron in the back of a couple of peoples brains.  But, is being worked on right now.

Can’t wait!