My Top Book Recommendations – 2016

I read 2-3 books a month.  These are what stay on my shelf – actual books I buy to keep on my shelf – yes I killed a tree or two for these.   kill a tree

No particular order of priority.

Pragmatic Thinking & Learning – Refactor Your Wetware by Andy Hunt

  • I love this book as it reminds me how and why people think the way they do.  Yes, it is a geeky programmer writing it, so it is biased towards me but I use more out of this book when talking to business people than most any other book outside of asking good questions.
    • the Dreyfus model explained so I can understand it alone is worth reading, but add in Sq3r and well it is money and time well worth spent.

Jump the Curve by Jack Uldrich

  • For anyone looking to transform their company this is an essential book, but for me personally it is simply chapter 10 Learning to Unlearn.  The reminder to learn, unlearn and relearn constantly.unlearn

Crucial Confrontations

  • Another book I pull down off my shelf at-least once a month whether to address a client issue or internal dispute with my team.
  • Key point here is deal with the right problem in a confrontation

The Last Lecture by Randy Pausch

  • Given to me by a great member of my team, the inspirational story is fantastic, but the reminder failing has a bad rap.  If you are not failing, whether a little or a good deal, you are not pushing yourself as hard as you should be.

Jack’s Notebook by Gregg Fraley

  • One it is a novel versus a business book which takes from Randy Pausch’s head fake tip about learning something while doing something else.  Two it works you through problem solving when the problem appears impossible.

Business Relationships that Last by Ed Wallace

  • Working internally for a company as a IT Leader or now as a business advisor for my technology partners pulling this one down when I work with a new company/team reminds me what to unlearn and relearn about trust, integrity and respect in relationships.

Good Leaders ask Great Questions by John C. Maxwell

  • Three questions that truly help me with building business relationships
    • Can you help me? – a competence question
    • Do you care for me? – a compassion question
    • Can I trust you? a character question

I have read over 500 business books over my business career and yes, these are the ones that have stayed on the shelf.  Move over Covey and Peters, these are the ones I find referencing all the time.