Article Review: Leaders don’t manage time, they manage choices

Right on the mark was my first thought when I read this article.  Now doubt not only are choices what leaders manage, it is what leaders bring to the table.  images

Now the missing part of this article is the duty of the employee, associate, team member, individual contributor or whatever your organization designates the non-leaderships roles.

That a leader can offer a larger number of options the early he is made aware of the need options.  images2

So fighting that natural urge to NOT bring up problems or issues early is a major part not just getting help from your manager,     11-february-AOL-service-hand-pabut

supporting them in their role.

Now, if that leader or manager is not providing you choices.  Well, I think we all know what choice you need to make.




Article Review: IT is in a fight for its life

Red Hat’s CEO hit the nail on the head in this interview about IT or at-least what we describe as IT for mid-size to enterprise companies is going the way of typewriter.  Even hipsters entrepreneurs cannot bring it back.

I would expand his point to not just devops, but to analytics and security as well.  If the well-funded marketing department is not satisfied with their insights for growing their market share they go and buy some running on AWS with a nice intuitive analytics interface with transaction, social and all that deep dark data.

When engineering department feels that their corporate IP is not secure enough they can reach out and use their budget to buy a higher level of security.

This is happening and will be growing.  The language will start changing.  It will be called technology or innovation spending vs IT when IDC, Gartner and Forrester start reporting it versus LOB.